Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Update, April 1st

***Read Teo's story here***

I have a few bits of good news to share.

1. Teo is out of the hospital and doing well! We saw the Lego movie over the weekend, which he loved. He's been obsessed with Lark's pictures and using them as a distraction when he's upset. He also bought her a dog bed for his room. I'm excited that he's excited. He talks about how Lark will help him calm down, and that he can't wait to walk her around the block. He mentioned tying her to his bike but we talked through why that wasn't such a great idea. Lol.

2. We're getting closer to our fundraising goal. We've stalled a little bit but I'm hoping the book sales move us ahead again. We still need 40 more shirts to reach our goal, and 6 more totes. If you haven't bought either yet, the buy links are on the right column. I'm also in the process of trying to do an event at the local bookstore, educating about therapy dogs and selling books. We're also toying around with the idea of a dog wash to raise money. We have to wait till it gets a little warmer though so hurry up spring!

3. We have a date set to pick up Lark! May 1st, I'll be flying out to KY to train a little with her then bring her home. Fingers crossed this goes well!

I'll update again soon when the books are ready for purchase! Until then, be well, and thanks for all the support!

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