Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lark is Here!!!

My cousin Amy and I flew to Kentucky early early this morning to pick up Teo's dog, Lark. We got to the training center at noon, spoke with the owner for a bit, got some background on the breed and Lark's history, then he left to get the dog and her trainer.

She is just the friendliest thing. Came right over to us, let us pat her, gave us kisses.

The trainer taught us how he works with Lark and what she can do. It was pretty impressive. She's a smart dog, very obedient and well-trained. Very focused and happy and wanting to please you. So he let me and Amy work with her a bit while he watched and helped out. Lark was a little confused at first but picked it up fast. She bonded to us right away, especially when we brought out the treats. Lol.

She's a very affectionate dog. She loves to give kisses and cuddles. She was perfect in the car. We took her to a dog park. She didn't seem to know quite what to do. It's obvious she's been trained to work, not really to play and stuff. But she seems happy just walking along, being patted, getting attention. She didn't bark once. We even took her to Walmart and she was very chill.

What's great about Lark is that she's a sturdy, tough dog. My son can pat her roughly and she'll love it. She likes to lie on top of people and huddle in close to them so he'll love the comfort she provides. I think the match is perfect. We just have to work out some specific skills and we'll be all set!

And for the fundraising update...

We're at $6,500!!! So we're almost there! The last little bit will help pay for Lark's specific training here in CT with a qualified trainer and my son.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this dream possible for us. All the donors, fans of Leia Shaw, co-workers of Dave (my husband), my fellow CTRWA people, my daughter's school Oak Grove Montessori, and generous friends and family members! I can't wait to update again about how Teo does with Lark.

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  1. Lea, what a wonderful idea and I'm sure this will be so beneficial for your son. I'm so happy for your family that you have a new little four legged addition to the family.